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CdTe Módulos FV

New but Mature Technology

On a life cycle basis, CdTe PV has the smallest carbon footprint, lowest water use, and fastest energy payback time of all solar technologies. A fast energy payback time enables PV to scale with faster carbon reductions with out causing short-term energy deficits.

Cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaics describes a photovoltaic (PV) technology that is based on the use of cadmium telluride thin film, a semiconductor layer designed to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity.

cadmium telluride PV is the only thin film pv technology to surpass crystalline silicon PV in cheapness for a significant portion of the PV market, namely in multi-kilowatt systems.

CdTe PV is considered the ecologically leading technology as it provides a solution to key ecological issues including climate change, energy security, and water scarcity.

It is also considered the most ecoefficient current PV technology when comparing a range of application scenarios e.g. commercial rooftop applications or large scale ground mount applications.

Innovative Technology From United States

Cooperative R&D of CdTe PV module by UPT Solar and Standfod University

UPT Solar has started to research and development of CdTe thin film solar technology together with several universities in United States since 2003.

We have established united laboratory with them. Now, after our tireless efforts over 10 years, UPT Solar is honored to introduce the revolutionary products to you and whole world.

As replacer of traditional C-Si PV modules, CdTe panels have decided advantages on technical property as follows.  

Why CdTe Solar modules?

Lower Costs than C-Si modules

Whatever you are a distributor, installer or end customer, you only need to pay 80% of C-Si costs for CdTe panels.

Cooler Outlook

Full black surface makes your roof-top a whole. Your neighbors obviously will admire the cooler house.

Lower Degression

High degression is always condemned as the greatest shortcoming of thin film module.Yearly degression of  UPT CdTe modules is only 0.7%.

Lower Temperature Coefficient

Temperature Coefficient is only -0.23%—— Much better performance on the abnormal climate condition including overhigh or low temperature.

5% Better Performance on Power Output Ratio

because of different technology from C-Si modules, CdTe module makes 5% better performance under weak lighting condition.

Technical Date

Our Projects Reference in Europe

UPT-R180 8KW Haifa Israel, 2013
UPT-R180 2.4KW Belgium, 2013
UPT-R180 2.1MW LanChou China, 2013
UPT-R180 480KW Austria,2013
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